Thursday, October 9, 2008

He Loves Meme, He Loves Meme Not...

So, my Beadiful friend, Ann, tagged me with what I think is a meme. I'll need Carissa, who really is both good and crazy (and brilliant), to verify this. But meme, or no meme, I have listed below 6 random facts about yours truly. Nothing earth-shattering. Certainly nothing of use. But definitely all me. Enjoy!

1. I love TV (the more mindless, the better), and I do not think this disqualifies me from engaging in intelligent thought and being an active participant in current political/intellectual discourse. Heck, when Heidi Montag endorsed John McCain, I was the only educated one on the block (over the age of 15, anyway). 

2. I worship my kids (although they would probably argue otherwise). This may not be breaking news to all you moms, but bears mentioning, nonetheless. 

3. I am adopted. Oh listen, there's just a bounty of blog treasure in that little tidbit (which you will all be subjected to in the months ahead). For now, let's just say that the life I narrowly escaped would have definitely led me elsewhere.  

4. Blood really can be thicker than water (see #3). Nothing makes me happier than an afternoon on the couch, eating burgers and watching Nascar. This one's in the genes, because it certainly isn't anything I was exposed to growing up. Go Carl Edwards, you back-flippin' babe!

5.  I adore the Bee Gees. Let's get real... You know Barry's the brains and the brawn behind that whole Brothers Gibb operation. I've always liked him best. Maybe that's because he's the only person I've ever seen that may be hairier than I am. Come on, I dare you to not sing along with this one. And just look how sincere they are. Swooooooonnnnn.....

6. I lose my shoes, particularly my favorite flip-flops, with alarming regularity. They're usually hiding under the couch, but I am too lazy to bend down and look. I wish I could just snap my fingers and they would reappear. Oh, how I love the idea of super powers. They would just make my life a whole heck of a lot easier.

And speaking of power... Now I get to wield mine and tag someone else for us to all get to know a little better. The Mommy, over at Perfect Pen, is a young mom with a lot to say. I've enjoyed reading about her, so I can't wait to learn more. Specifically, 6 random facts. Get to it, little momma!


Beadiful Things said...

The things you learn! How do you know the life you narrowly escaped?

I lose my flip flops all the time too, but it's usually because my son's walked off with them on his feet. He likes to flap around in them like a duck.

Jay @halftime lessons said...

The Bee Gees?
Oh Sweet Mary.

Good N Crazy said...

Okay HERE I AM verifying you!

1) THANKS so much for not tagging me! First I make fun of memes (I never understood them at first...and then I was all? but I can't fight it anymore)

2) if you want you can take my meme button right off my right sidebar.

3) I'm with Jay here? the bee gees? Do you want to 'embed' that youtube video into your meme? Just click the 'share this' link on the youtube page and copy and paste the embed HTML into your editor's HTML edit page....

4) I love your Meme me, meme me not title. I may have to steal that... and isn't THAT the best form of verfication...wait that's imitation/praise?

For the record, all the bloggy 'awards' confuse me too? I'm for the imitaion/praise award!
Should we create one?!

Kristina P. said...

I still don't totally understand what a Meme is. And I love number one. I am a TV whore. Rock of Love? Check. I Love New York? Check.

P.S. I updated my blog today, just for you.

bloggingmom67 said...

Loved your meme so much and made my own:

Eudae-mamia said...

Praise your #1 my ANTM friend. You need to start watching your DVR so we can chat. I have no idea why no one else watches this rockin show!

Oh, and NASCAR is on every weekend. The Boys can't get enough. This past weekend, Oldest wanted to know when the next crash was going to happen - scripted races - the next reality TV.


The Mommy said...

How funny! I was reading this thinking "How fun, I'd have absolutely no idea what I'd post!" Ahhh and then I saw "Perfect Pen" . .... wait, I have to read that again, what?! I'm thinking hard and will blog it asap! :)

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