Monday, April 27, 2009


Then come visit me over at

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Beth said...

Are you bossing me around? You aren't the boss of me.

Ok. ok. I'm going!

Em said...

You take "selling" to a new level.


Em said...

P.S. Don't think I missed your comment about my social event before yours little lady. Mine was dinner and drinks - yours is going to be a vacation with wet t-shirt contests and tatoos!!

Don't lie - I know it's on the agenda.


CaJoh said...

Thought I'd comment here rather than there.

Change is a process and you are correct that many things take time to complete. I always surprise myself whenever I notice change, but then when I try and figure out when it first started I am further surprised as to how long it actually took.

Even though we live in an instant gratification society, we have to realize that great things come to those who can see things through no matter how long they take.