Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shout Out to My Mormons. Holla!!

Or anyone else who has any sort of (even remote) spiritual superiority... HELP!

And yes, we are still celebrating Jo's MISSION: Monday win (see below). However, I am having a crisis. I need to be selfish and use my blog to expose my own neuroses. Sorry.

Here's the deal: I prayed about something that needs God's immediate attention, and I am still as lost and confused as I was before (although He did steer me to Chik-fil-a for a #1 w/ a Diet Coke, which calmed me immensely)! Still no clear answer to my prayer. 

And before you start with the whole "God answers all your prayers, just maybe not the way you want Him to" business, I get that. I kept a very open mind and heart while begging for 1) peace regardless of how my situation turns out and 2) help figuring out what action to take in this particular situation. 

So, see? I was being very mature and good by not trying to demand the outcome to the situation that I really want. And I think that part will work itself out. So I am not as hung up on the peace bit as I am on the action business. Besides, there's always Ativan.

What I really need is advice. Does God give advice? I asked specifically for guidance and got a big, fat, whopping nothing (It is a gorgeous day, however. Thank you, God!). And my mind is going a mile a minute. When a possible solution pops into my head, I wonder, "Is that God telling me what to do, or my own manipulative self attempting to control my thoughts?"

And on top of all that, I am a fairly obtuse person, so God could be holding up a "Pick Option 2" sign and I would miss it. Will His answer be clear? Or will God try to teach me a lesson within a lesson by making ME figure it out? Ugh, I hate that! Could he maybe save that for next time?


Kristina P. said...

I guess this post is addressed to me? :)

I think that prayer is a very tricky, and personal thing. I don't think that it works like a Magic 8 Ball, and the answer just comes.

I would continue to think about the situation, pray today, and see what happens. I agree that God answers our prayers in many different ways, and sometimes, we don't realize that he already has.

Sorry, that probably wasn't helpful at all.

jill jill bo bill said...

Let's hear it for the Non-Denom's out there!!! WHOOP!!!

He answers me with white writing in the sky. But... I WAS a preacher's wife, ya know.

Okay really. What do you need answers to? He uses people and the Bible. I am here for ya. And I have a Bible.

Whitney R said...

I'm new here :) I came over from Jay's blog and of course, the title of your blog post caught my attention.

I just wanted to add to Kristina's comment. Sometimes I find that I need to make a decision and then ask if it's the right one. I will either feel good about it, or completely confused with nothing. I've been in situations where I've wanted so bad for something but always just felt confused or nothing. That usually means it's not the best thing. (and I can look back now and see why) Other times I've made a decision, asked if it okay to stick with it and I'll feel really good.

I don't know if this helped. If you would like to talk more, feel free to e-mail me :) Every person is different and will receive answers differently, but this is what I've found happens in my life.

Tony said...
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Tony said...

OK so youu know my position on organized religion if you read my blogs, which I know you have. My experience has always been that God trys to teach me a lesson within a lesson by making ME figure it out. Sorry no bail out plans for life lessons. ( it is like the back of your birth certificate-- read it-- No gaurantees, no warranty.) And then it is crystal clear what path he wanted me to take. Find your inner peace ( That Zen place ) and weight out your options. I have faith in you. Thanks for the friendship

amelia bedelia said...

I hope you get the answers you are searching for...and I'm here for ya too and like sis, I too, have a bible. And use it!

Jay @halftime lessons said...

I dont care to have a theological discussion on here, but maybe on the phone where you can hear me swear.


BTW, I have been laughing all afternoon about your use of the word "Holla"

There...I just typed that and laughed out loud again.

Jay @halftime lessons said...

BTW, isnt Whitney a sweetheart? hi Whit!

Whitney- Debbie is a beautiful friend from high school, and a phenom writer...I know you will love coming here.


Jo said...

Holla back dear! Perhaps another way to try to find the answer is to decide first what you think you should do and then pray about it. I find I get a sense of peace is generally the answer yes. Good luck and that was really nice to give us Mormons a holla!

Wendyburd1 said...

Holy Crap Deb, it's like you are me in those last 2 paragraphs!!LOL! I over analyze much to my own detriment and if he DID answer me, I probably thought it was my own opinion and told it to SHUT IT! LOL.

Since this happens, I often ask family members to pray on the subject too, and see what answers they might have recieved. Maybe that could help?

Harlene said...

For me the hardest part of the prayer thing can be trusting myself to "hear" what I'm being told. I get a lot of answers and clarity after I've been praying about something through talking (or blogging) about it with friends I trust, doing dishes, and oddly enough in the shower. I also believe firmly in reading the scriptures, not that you always read a scripture that gives you the answer , but more that you become more in tune with god by acting on your faith.

Don't know if any of this helps, but I'll be praying for you.

Shauna said...

Hi! I am just blog hoppin around tonight and I had a hard time resisting a post with the word Mormom and Holla in it at the same time... Anyhow - I actually wrote a post about this exact same topic a few weeks ago....if I had the time, I would go find the link to it and give it to you right now! But it is there in my blog. Yes it is. And it is deep. Very deep.