Thursday, September 25, 2008

I've Made My Own Bed and Now I Can't Lie In It!

See anything wrong with this picture? For those unfamiliar with my house, let me give you a hint... The bed does not belong to either individual resting so comfortably in it. 

You see, the blonde creature belongs down the hall in his own bed, and the black and tan one belongs, well, someplace else. Anyplace else. The empty spot where you might think I could fit is my husband's (who I insisted remain in the photo to give the viewers a true sense of what a logistical nightmare this really is. He refused.). The result of this almost weekly occurrence is two-fold. I am screwing up my 11 year old AND getting a bed full of black fur. I TOTALLY see my role in this, yet I keep allowing it to happen. I kind of like the fact that my son sees it as a treat to get to sleep in Mom & Dad's bed. And we all DO begin the evening together in the bed in question. We read together, discuss the day, talk about the Broncos (although I am not sure why), and just snuggle. But then my son slowly orients himself perpendicularly. The dog forgets that no one can stand her and gets as close as she possibly can to me. The claustrophobia sets in and I hightail it to the guest room. It's a battle of wills, but I am the only one awake to participate, so by default, I am the one to leave. Everyone else is quite content staying put. As you can tell... 

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Jay said...

Believe it or not, I am jealous...we can barely get our daughter to sleep thru the night, and if we were to let our dog in the bed, she would take my hand off before she ever got out.
And as for the dog hair...well, yeah, that's gross.
I think I understand why some people keep separate rooms...more like Vaults.