Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 2 Post Op

Here we are at day 2. Bananas appear to be fine. I am a bit worried about the bag, as it seems to be working overtime, battling the produce-damaging ethylene. There is sweat everywhere, which is a bit disturbing. So that's about all I have for you. Which leads me to my important announcement. I am abandoning my study. Jumping ship. Movin' on. For those one, maybe two, of you who care, here's why:

1) Flawed Study: No control group. I should have had a second bunch just sitting on my counter, exposed to the elements, living dangerously.

2) School Lunch: My boys are requesting PB&B sandwiches today, so say goodbye to our subjects. No tears. Be brave.

3) Boredom: I've lost interest. I'd much rather be talking about how misunderstood I am, or my boys, or even that rascally husband of mine that is just now re-emerging from the doghouse.

4) Been there, done that: Apparently, I was reinventing the wheel. Click here to see this lovely lady solve the mystery for us. I am happy to see she takes her product review more seriously than I take mine.


Jay said...

DAMN!! I wanted to see results from a credible source!!

FINE. EAT your damn bananas.


Kristen Zirkle said...

I would be a little freaked about the sweat too. Every little bug my family gets I blame on food. Jay-just don't put the grapes in these bags to freeze.